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La Costa Bandits Put It To The First Place, Unbeaten Torres
By Staff Writer

Nov. 8, 2003-In the season’s most exciting evening of baseball, the La Costa Bandits beat an
"unbeatable" Torres team from La Jolla.  The Torres, known for their un-hittable pitchers, went home
without a victory in either of the evening’s doubleheader games.

With an outstanding display of defense, overpowering pitching, and standard top-quality Bandit style
base hitting, the Bandits opened the evening with a decisive 13–4 victory over the Torres.  An exciting
double play by the Bandits defense put the brakes on a bases loaded Torres rally in the top of the third
inning.  The Bandits capitalized on the momentum by scoring three runs in the bottom of the third
inning.  Strong pitching and perfect defense allowed the Bandits to coast to a lopsided victory in less
than two hours.

The second game of the evening featured a re-newed Torres squad led by their pitching ace, CJ.  CJ
opened the game by striking out the Bandits side with twelve pitches.   The Bandits found a way to hit
the nine-year old’s high velocity fastballs in the second inning and the game was on.   Another execution
of great pitching by the Bandits, backed by equally solid defense, kept the score low for the entire
game.  The Bandits managed to put runners on the bases but were thrown out at home plate on three
different occasions with extremely close calls.  Heading into the last inning the Bandits were down 4–2
and it looked like the end was near.  With CJ still on the mound, the Bandits found a way to put runners
on the bases again and the two of the runners scored tying the game.  The Bandits returned to their
defensive positions and held the Torres with perfect pitching.   By now, all fans had moved down from
the bleachers to line the backstop for a closer view of the final nail-biting, extra inning.  Neither the
Bandits nor the Torres could put a run across the plate as the fog swallowed the outfield in the evening’s
final inning of play.  With the clock striking 10:00 and the lights ready to go out, the game was called a
tie, 4–4.

The evening was highlighted by the following:
Evan Gaspari laid down a perfect bunt and had one other hit for a solid hitting evening.  He also pitched
two perfect innings.
JP Chenevey ripped a rope to left field for a stand up double.
Christian Rodriguez tracked and caught a long fly ball for a critical out in the second game.
Nicholas Shirreffs was absolutely unhittabale in the first game, striking out the first six batters he faced.
Brandon Miller played great defense and had three solid hits during the evening.
AJ Chadwick got on base four times and played solid defense.
Danny Martin turned a huge double play and pitched the best game of his life–stopping the Torres cold.
Kevin Lyle was solid behind the plate and closed the first game with perfect pitching.
Derek Black got on base four times and scored the game tying run in the evening’s second game.
Nick Anderson hit a triple to the fence and pitched extremely well in the second game.
Austin Kay played strong defense at second base and hit the ball hard.
Bandits Split Nightcap Doubleheader in Encinitas
By Staff Writer
Nov 1, 2003-Playing under smoke-free and clear skies, the La Costa Bandits split a doubleheader against
challengers from Chula Vista and Encinitas.  The Bandits came to the games with their bats ready and
loaded. The Bandits rapped out a total of 28 hits in the evening’s two games.  

In the first game, the Bandits got frustrated in a game of “small ball” against the San Diego Sting.  The
Sting won the game with a score of 10–9, despite the fact that the Bandits out-hit the Sting by a
staggering 17 hits to just three hits for the Sting.  Tied after two hours of play, the Sting scored two runs
in the extra inning and the Bandits could salvage only one run in the bottom of the last.  This is the
second Sting game in a row that the final outcome was decided by one run in the last inning.  The
Bandits made significant improvements in picking off the aggressive, base-stealing Sting base runners,
but the Sting were still able to execute their “walk and run” style of baseball.  The Bandits look forward
to seeing them in the December tournament in Poway.

In the evening’s finale, the Bandits came out hitting again with 11 solid hits against the Encinitas Reds.  
Jumping ahead 3-0 in the first inning, the Bandits never looked back.  The Bandits went on to win with a
final score of 12-5.  The final out was made as the clock struck 10:00 pm.

Highlights of the evening included:
AJ Chadwick had three solid hits and played great defense in the outfield and at second base.
JP Chenevey stroked a key double and two singles with another solid display of his hitting.
Danny Martin pitched well and had three hits.
Nicholas Shirreffs was unhittable, with seven strikeouts in four innings pitched.
Brandon Miller hit a 200 foot shot off the centerfield fence and had a total of four hits in the evening.
Nick Anderson closed the second game with two strikeouts and he also had a triple and two other hits.
Christian Rodriguez broke out with three strong hits, including a double smoked down the line.
Bryan Ragland played eight great innings of catcher and had solid hitting in both games.
Evan Gaspari showed his arm strength with three perfectly thrown put-out throws from centerfield.
Derek Black smashed a ball to right center field, hitting the fence on one bounce.
Austin Kay helped the team with strong pitching and two key hits in the first game.
Bandits Earn Bronze in Tournament
By Staff Writer
Oct 26, 2003-The Bandits finished a respectable third place in the 2003 Halloween Tournament.
The Bandits lost to the Encinitas Reds in the opener and came from behind to beat the San Diego
Sting in game two. Of note, the Bandits pitching crew threw a no-hitter against the Sting.
Congratulations Bandits.
Bandits lose tough battle with Ramona Bulldogs
By Staff Writer
Oct 25, 2003-The Bandits built a 6-3 lead going into the final inning...but the Bulldogs were true to
their name and came from behind to win by one in their final at bat. The Bandits qualify for the
Sunday tournament playoffs. Go Bandits!!!
Bandits off to a good start in Tourney
By Staff Writer
Oct 24, 2003-The Bandits played a great ballgame on friday night. The Bandits combined
consistent pitching, solid defense (including a nice double play) and sound hitting (everything but a
home run) to defeat the Carlsbad Vipers. Good job Bandits!
Bandits Beat Strong Vipers Team
By Staff Writer

Oct. 18, 2003: The Bandits beat a strong Carlsbad Vipers team on Saturday.  It was obvious the
Bandits came to play from the first time they took the field.  The Bandits dominated the game
offensively and defensively with a final score of 15-2.  

Highlights of the game included:
Nicholas Shirreffs had a deep center field gapper for a double and two perfectly pitched innings!
Danny Martin tossed a runner out at home from left field and closed the game with great pitching!
Kevin Lyle beat out an infield hit and had another key hit to drive in a run!
Brandon Miller had three hits, including a perfect bunt down the first base line!
JP Chenevey smoked a double to centerfield!
Evan Gaspari got hit by a pitch but bounced up to steal some bases and score a run!
Bryan Ragland played a great catcher and had a huge double to center field!
Nick Anderson pitched well and ran the bases hard for a double!
Derek Black had a solid infield hit then scored after stealing two bases!
AJ Chadwick ripped a ball to left field to score two RBI’s!
Christian Rodriguez had a sharp knock to first base that scored an RBI!
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